• Izabella Jamrocha

Back-Peddling the Violence: Biden/Harris Flip Their Script and Condemn the Riots

Since day one, President Donald Trump has condemned the violence and the riots that erupted as a result to George Floyd's death. Since then, we have seen protestors and Antifa become progressively more violent in the response to Jacob Blake and Julian Lewis.

Today, Presidential hopeful (more like presidential nope-ful) Joe Biden finally decried the violence, and, of course, he blamed it on Donald Trump (surprise, surprise!). The problem with his back-peddling is that several weeks ago, the Biden campaign insisted on donating to bail fund for Seattle rioters and their "Summer of Love" which turned into the "Summer of Death and Destruction" (

In the video below, Kamala Harris tells Stephen Colbert that the riots are a movement that must go on and that we, as the American people, should support them. Well, isn't this little canary singing a different tune today?

In May, after the death of George Floyd and the eruption of riots, Kamala Harris implored people to donate to the violent rioters bail fund. This tweet is still currently available on her Twitter account. Now, which is it? Do you support the violence or do you condemn the violence? You cannot support both.

How typical of Democratic supposed leadership.

Those of us who have been paying close attention to the Mainstream Fake News Media realize this is a false attempt to save face since supporting the "peaceful protests" is not helping Joe Biden's polling numbers. Even CNN's favorite stooge Don Lemon had to openly admit that the riots were not helping the democrats cause. We can see him back-peddling his hypocrisy in the video below.

There cannot be any doubt in our minds, the democrats are a danger to this country. They only support the causes that help them in the polls. Their push for social justice is nothing more than a farce. They don't care about George Floyd, Jacob Blake, or anyone who is wrongfully killed by the police. They only care about how that situation will help them become re-elected and stay in power. They will use these narratives to paint the majority of Americans as racist for not supporting the BLM movement while denouncing patriots who protect America and the Constitution as "White Supremacists."

This is hypocrisy at its finest, my friends.

And this is another reason why I walked away from the Democratic party.

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