• Izabella Jamrocha

Breaking News: Frontline Doctors Dismantle Covid-19 Lies

Earlier today, Breitbart Live posted a 43 minute video of doctors dismantling Coronavirus lies. I have attached the video for you to watch below.

During this live press conference, doctors openly admit that children are not transmitters of the virus and that it is safe for them to return to school this fall. These same doctors claim that children do not need to wear masks while in school. This completely destroys the left's narrative.

Later in the interview, the doctors argued that we have a cure for the Coronavirus.

It's the same cure that was touted by President Trump back in March. Ever since President Trump has mentioned Hydroxychloroquine, the media has been out to destroy all of his credibility. The mainstream media has been on a witch-hunt to destroy President Trump since before his presidency.

Thanks to the lies of the media, they have completely politicized this pandemic. In the meantime, they have shown how out of touch with reality they are while destroying their own credibility.

Please watch this video. I would love to hear some feedback and what you think.

I'm simply grateful doctors are finally brave enough to speak out against the powers that be.

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