• Izabella Jamrocha

Why I Became Conservative

My parents and sisters are Polish immigrants. They came to American in 1979; five years before I was born. I did not truly appreciate my parents immigration journey until I was bout 30 years old, but that is a story for another post.

I was born a democrat. I have voted democrat my entire life. I voted for Barack Obama twice. I now look back on the decisions I have made over the years and I am ashamed I have allowed myself to be duped by the democratic party.

I met an amazing man, my significant other PJ, in 2018. He is a die-hard conservative and supporter of President Trump. I was not. Truthfully, when I first met him, I didn't think it would work because of our differing politics. I didn't want to miss out on the opportunity to know this amazing man just because of politics. So I listened with an open mind.

Over the last two years, I have completely switched sides. As someone who would have campaigned for Hillary, I now want nothing more than to see her in prison for the crimes her and former president Obama committed against our great country.

I look back on Obama's tenure as president, and realize he did nothing to unite this country, but created divisive identity politics that created one of the greatest chasms we have seen since the Civil War. Identity politics are dangerous. They hurt the American people more than they unite us.

I fear that our country is falling down a slippery slope if democrats win this coming election. I have made a promise to myself and everyone I love and care about. I am making a promise to you and every American citizen who loves the Constitution and our American way of life that I will fight for our freedoms and give us a platform to be heard.

That is why PJ, my dear friend who will currently remain anonymous, and I decided to start Pocketbook Conservatives. The three of us realized that the Silent Majority could no longer stay silent, but at the same time, we are more sophisticated that the screaming left that promotes violence and anarchy. We wanted to create a variation of a powerful peaceful protest that speaks much louder than the physical protests you see airing on Mainstream Media.

Our mission is to unite every American Citizen who is fed up with the left trying to destroy what America stands for. We are tired of crooked politicians and corporations trampling our Constitution while telling us what causes we should support and how we should think. We are tired of Leftist Corporate America pushing their agendas and infiltrating our education system.

We are tired of anyone who would love to see Capitalism fail and instill Marxism. We are tired of our 1st and 2nd Amendment rights being slowly stripped away from us by leftists who desire nothing more than power and control.

This is why we created Pocketbook Conservatives. This platform will give everyone a voice who is afraid to speak out against the leftist establishment due to fear of repercussions.

If you are with us, we will always give you a voice and respect your privacy. We are one and the same.

We are unstoppable once we become united.

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